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Good Format but Needs Update

It works on my older iPad with iOS 9.3.5 but on my iPhone 6s with iOS 10.2.1 the speaker volume is very low and unusable in some areas. It also is missing some key phrases like selamat siang and selamat sore. I do Ikke the flash cards and the pictures which help in remembering.


Very good app

Good app

Keep up

Good learning tool

Terima Khasi!

Menakjubkan app!

Besar untuk perjalanan ke Republik Indonesia!


so far the best out there! it's Super intuitive and has the best teaching methods. would've given a 6🌟 if there is one

Great start to learning

I used to live in Indonesia for two years back in the 90s. Now that I'm trying to remember the language, this was a great app to help me learn new words and to also remember the words I knew. Repetition is key! This is a good app and it doesn't take much to pick up on how to use it.



So easy

My boyfriend speaks Indonesian and he wanted me to learn too. I tried many other apps but they didn't help. This is super awesome. 😀😀😀😀😀


It's a pretty good app but I find the pictures annoying.


After learning Japanese on my own I wanted to try this. Terima kasih!

Pretty good

It is a very good app to learn Indonesian for a beginning learner. It has some games, which is related to some new Indonesian words. It is more enjoyable to learn Indonesian!


Easy to understand a great language learning app.


A really innovative app!


is good

Easy & helpful

My husband is Indonesian. This app is fun and super easy. I have only been using this for a few minutes but I can tell it'll be super helpful and useful!


This app is so easy to use. No "pro" stuff you need to pay for or any in app purchases required unlike other apps. My parents worked in Indonesia for many years. They learned to speak it fluently. (They are Filipino) Now, they use it as a "confidential" language against me and my brother. They use it when they don't want us to know a single word they say. Now, with the help of this app, my brother is the only one who doesn't understand! Terima kasih untuk membaca ini! Translated: thank you for reading this!


I have never experienced learning a new language so easily before I give this app a 👍


good intro to Bahasa Indonesia.

Love it!

This app has been a very helpful teaching tool to help me learn a new language quickly and correctly. I love this program. Thank you.


Great program content, but minus two stars because it crashes so often.


ILang makes it easy to learn another language. It is simple to use.

Great app!

This app is a pretty great starter kit for the beginner. My wife and I both have it and enjoy the variety of activities for each subject matter. It includes visual, listening, reading, and writing skills. Great app!

User friendly

I have a friend in Indonesia and she knows English and we can talk that way but I want to surprise her with some of her language. Maybe add some sentence structuring


Best indo app I have found!

good app!

good app!! so convinient!!

Better than most

Very good app. Individual sections and learning tools to help you comprehend the language.

Fun way to expand your vocabulary

It's a bit limited but it does teach you lots of words and it's fun and easy to use.


Now I will know what my boss's are saying lol


I wanna learn Indonesian because my father knows it, but too lazy to teach me ;3; So I found this app and it has a lot, more than I need to know! It's also accurate too (according to the words I know, such as "grandmother" is "nenek", k is silent though) I love this app and I hope I can impress my father with it.

Es gefällt mir!

Es ist nicht perfekt oder genauso was ich wollte, aber es ist ja gut und hilft mir viel!

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